Should I Make Free Blogs on Blogspot or on WordPress

Should I Make Free Blogs on Blogspot or on WordPress

Blogger vs Wordpress
Blogger vs Wordpress


Two Main Aims for Creating a Blog:

  1. You just love blogging and sharing content with people like any Youtuber who likes to make vlogs.
  2. You want to generate a revenue through your blog.

If you want to create your blog and earn money through it. Starting with a free Blogger Platform would be best. Why?

Blogger Vs Wordpress: – Create a unique and beautiful blog. It’s easy and free. is a free blogging platform offered by Google that you can use to make your free blog. Hosting would be free for your blog.

  • Blogging requires a bit of web development skills to give tweaks to your template and in Blogger you can customize your template very easily.
  • You can find millions of tutorials online for Blogger
  • Uses very simple scripting like HTML, CSS Javascript.
  • Easy to use and navigate.
  • Don’t require a great amount of investment to kick-start as a professional blogger.

Wordpress has two platforms basically: one is Create a free website or blog and other is Blog Tool, Publishing Platform, and CMS(Wordpress org) .WordPress .com is just like Blogger and Wordpress .Org is a software that you can use to create a website. For that you need to have a domain name and hosting plan.

  • Themes are professional but can’t be customized easily.
  • Very few tutorials about Wordpress themes.
  • Uses complex scripting like php that a newbie can’t understand.
  • Comments can’t be restricted and anyone can comment.

I strongly recommend Blogger, if you are a newbie, and master some primary web development skills to give tweaks to your template.

Monetize your Blog:

  • Publishing ads: Apply ads to your blog using Google Adsense and BuySell ads and generate revenue.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is promoting a product through your blog and whenever someone buys something through your affiliate link then in return you will earn commission.
  • Sell your Products: The last but not the least way to earn through your blog is by selling your services on your blog.

The above article is a reprint from Quora:
Should I make blogs on blogspot or make own WordPress site (Free one) and how to monetize the blogs?

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