The Proven Formula for Doubling Your Blog Traffic in 3 Months (Without Creating New Content)

When I started Growth Machine, I thought the most valuable service we could offer businesses was to develop content marketing strategies to help them grow their traffic (and sales). What we quickly realized, though, was that there are two problems…
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YouTube Video Marketing | YouTube Video SEO

YouTube Video Marketing is one of the great FREE ways to market whatever it is that you are selling or offering online.

For many search terms Google displays a number of YouTube videos on the very 1st page for the search query results. That means within the top ten results. For many more optimized channels and videos the results are within the top 3 and many are sitting nice and pretty at #1.

That is my goal, my only goal. I have searched for ways to achieve first page rankings on G for quite some time now in order to promote this or that. Problem is, most cost too much money or just don’t work.

Well this does work, and this also does it quickly. Ranking for whatever search terms you want and whatever niche you want is a clear cut, step by step process with the video course I talk about in this video. It details the intricacies of YouTube Video Marketing and YouTube Video SEO in an extremely easy to follow fashion.

Yes, I said intricacies. That means you are going to need to perform onsite and offsite SEO (search engine optimization) so that you can achieve a 1st page ranking. So if you would rather just pay someone to maybe succeed with doing that for you this is not the course for you.

However, if you would like to actually learn how to do this yourself stick with me and watch the video, then click on the link provided at the top of this description to get started. Right off the bat is a Free detailed offsite SEO of over 40 minutes in length.

At some point you should take it upon yourself to imagine the possibilities of achieving that #1 ranking that you never could before. Got a website, product, affiliate program, etc. etc. etc. to promote? Doesn’t get much easier than this…but it does take some work on your part.

Yes, a good number of hours (less than a day at least) will get you skyrocketing up G’s indexes for your targeted phrases. Honestly though, this is really the only way to succeed through YouTube. It does take some time and some effort. I personally prefer it that way. All things considered, it is not really that much work for the payoff.

Get moving on your free YouTube Video SEO and finally succeed by amassing ultra targeted traffic to your opportunity…

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How to Make a White Board (HUGE) for $30 & Video Marketing Tips

Learn how to make a white board for a video studio for around $30. Make a huge custom white board for home, business, or for video marketing online. Video marketing tips that will help you get online sales immediately!

How to Make a White Board & Studio Background

Want to know how to make a White Board that covers an entire wall or a large area? I recently opened a new cellular store and office in Birmingham, AL and wanted to put a studio for shooting videos in the back of it. I know first hand the power of video marketing, and having a nice background is critical for a more professional look. In this article I will show you how to make a white board for around $30 using some masking tape, primer, and a foam roller. I will also give you tips that will help you get sales immediately using video where I personally get 90% of my leads.

Using a White Board for a Studio – Background Options

I wanted several different background options for my studio, and I wanted to know how to make a white board that covered a large space. So I took a trip to Lowes and Home Depot to find out. What I discovered was Lowes Dry Erase paint was around $75, and Home Depot had a Rustoleum brand for around $20. A quart will cover a 7′ x 7′ white board space with 3 coats that allows for a tough, long lasting finish for your white board.

In addition to a quart of Dry Erase paint to make your white board, you will also need the following:
1.4 Ft Level
2.Masking Tape or Paint Tape
3.Drop Cloth
4.Primer Paint
5.A Foam Roller

* After using the Rustoleum Dry Erase paint for my white board I will warn you that it is very thin and runny. Make sure to put a drop cloth below the bottom part and have a damp cloth to clean up immediately.

How to Make a White Board Step by Step
1.First you will use your level (along with a board with a shorter level) to mark the walls to size you would like. I made a 6′ x 7′ and had plenty of paint left over fyi. Use a contrasting pen color to mark your walls.
2.Take your time applying masking take leaving just enough room to cover your pen marks and keep your lines straight. Use 12-18″ at a time or press down and continue to apply the tape along your marks. At the bottom, make sure to tape your drop cloth below because the paint will run!
3.Prime Paint your space FIRST! Dry Erase paint won’t stick on a normal wall. It needs an adhesive to stick to the wall. You can also use a large piece of plywood to a large white board too instead of drywall. Another tip is to use a magnetic primer to allow for placing magnets on your white board as well.
4.Apply your white board paint with a foam roller ($4) and allow 20-30 minutes between coats. It will affect the surface if you don’t allow them to dry. I used 3 coats, but might recommend 4. You will have plenty of paint for a 7′ x 7′ white board.
5.Remove Tape slowwwly after about an hour. I painted my white board on new drywall first, and trimmed with wall paint next. The tape pulled a tad, but I just trimmed carefully afterwards.
6.Wait… Wait 3 full days before you begin marking on your wall. White Board paint takes time to harden and fully cure. Once cured, you can use dry erase cleaner and erasers to use your white board over and over.

That’s it…you’re done!

That’s how to make a white board in your office or your home which will make for better meetings, if needed for a brain-storming or training application. A nice large white board for video marketing is an excellent tool for presenting ideas or concepts, but also makes for a nice professional background.

I encourage you to get started with Video Marketing today if you are involved in ANY kind of business endeavor. It’s quite simply to best way to get results for your business, improve brand awareness for your products or services, and immediately.

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