Secrets of Building a 6 Figure Online Business Revealed

As an entrepreneur who is starting a new business one of the most important factors is figuring out how to make money. Not just making a few hundred dollars every once in a while, but a six-figure revenue regularly. We often discuss ways to start up a successful business during our free webinar training. That’s why in this article, we’re going to provide examples of entrepreneurs who took the plunge, started their own business, and now are living and thriving as successful businesses. 

Forbes provides a few tips on how to start making a living online, which includes developing daily habits that propel you toward success and providing value as opposed to just selling products.  

Develop a six-figure mindset and daily success habits

Whether it’s journaling, meditating or waking up at 5 a.m. every morning, you need to find the productivity technique that works best for you and develop habits that will make you feel unstoppable. You must also work on your money mindset and determine what financial success means to you. Decide on a number you’d like as monthly revenue and work backwards to figure out ways you can generate that income.

Amplify your voice through collaborations

Growing your audience organically is possible if you’re committed, but real growth happens when you can leverage other people’s audiences. Create joint venture partnerships, host giveaways, contribute to blogs and podcasts, and watch your business grow exponentially. Just be sure to have something valuable to offer when pitching outlets or people with a bigger audience. 

Think “providing value” instead of “selling”

At the end of the day, sales are what keep your business going. You need money to drive your bottom line. When you run a business, you have to sell. Most people don’t like the idea of being sold to. And you’ve probably felt weird about the idea of selling things to people at some point. But when you can shift your mindset from selling to serving (and actually providing value), getting people to buy your products and services becomes easier. It’s also the next step once you’ve engaged them on social and shared useful content.

A few business professionals provide their tips on how to create a successful business on Small Business Trends: 

Mandy McEwen, Founder of Mod Girl Marketing and Digital Agency Growth Coach

My No. 1 tip for an agency looking to accelerate business growth is to specialize!

Specialize in a type of client (such as a specific industry) and a core service offering.

By doing this you can position yourself as THE expert to that particular subset of prospects, making you stand out from the majority of the competition. In addition, you can scale much faster by replicating the same strategies that have proven to work for each client.

You also attract more qualified prospects when you specialize. Optimizing your LinkedIn profile around this type of client and how you help them, as well as including this on your website, will help you appear in search results for targeted keywords and will catch the attention of your dream prospects.

Eugene Levin, Chief Strategy and Corporate Development Officer at SEMrush

Diversify. While temptation to focus on one thing you know best might be hard to resist, marketing evolves every day.

And evolution might be very unforgiving. In marketing you always have to learn and try new channels and strategies.

When Facebook changed algorithm in 2018 many businesses were hit. Many pure SMM agencies lost customers.

But agencies that also offer SEO and Content Marketing services usually didn’t have such issues.

SEMrush has over 10,000 agency customers and we see that the most successful agencies provide multiple different services to their clients.

It helps to increase ACVs, better retain customers and in general help to build more sustainable business.

Growth Lab recommends blogging outside the box and the author in on his article recommends writing “compound content.” Writing compound content combines quality content and an effective way to sell your products, which he goes into greater detail about below: 

Conventional wisdom says you need to write tons of blog posts to grow your business.

That wasn’t going to work for me.

As I solopreneur and family man, I didn’t want to spend my time writing articles all day long.

My answer to this problem is simple: “Compound Content.”

Compound Content works like compound workouts — you get twice the results in half the time.

What makes Compound Content so powerful is you kill two birds with one stone: You educate your readers (which is what they come to your blog for) and you also make them want to buy your product.

Best of all, Compound Content does this without ever making your readers feel like they’re being sold to.

Here’s an example from my site: My course teaches people how to make money on the freelancing site Upwork. So I wrote a blog post that teaches people how I became a freelance copywriter in 2 days without any previous experience.

By getting people excited about how quickly they could start their career in copywriting, the post created a reason for them to join my course and start making money.

It’s similar to how bars give you free salted peanuts, which taste great, and also happen to make you thirsty. So you buy a drink. Boom. That’s Compound Content in the real world.

Redefining Mom provides many examples of various businesses who are thriving and succeeding online. Read about these entrepreneurs and perhaps you’ll pick up a tip or two on how to speed your business along and make money! 

Dave Stuart, Jr.

Dave Stuart, Jr. is a high school teacher by day and a blogger as time permits. He shares helpful articles for teachers at

Dave shows that it’s possible to build a successful blog while holding down a full-time job. Dave is passionate about teaching and has no intention of giving up his day job. Yet, he also loves helping others through his blog.

Dave said that a big part of his success has been publishing helpful posts twice a week – without fail. Consistency and a commitment to your readers are essential.

Blogging Niche: Teaching

Terra Dawn

Terra Dawn is blogger and owner of Uncork Your Dork and the Wham! Bam! Business Plan! membership site.

Terra told me that everything clicked in her business when she narrowed her attention to one specific audience and product. This allowed her to create something that exactly meets the needs of her ideal readers.

It’s easy to chase shiny objects and new trends. But success comes from sticking with your core audience and providing a solution that meets their needs.

Blogging Niche: Online business (with subscription products)

Christina Scalera

Christina is the attorney and founder behind The Contract Shop, a contract template store for creative entrepreneurs, wedding professionals, and coaches.

Christina leverages her background as a lawyer to fill a business need. Her unique business allows her to do work she’s passionate about by pursuing a more creative path.

Christina told me that connecting with the right people has been key to her success. She explained that her early mentors helped catapult her business forward.

Blogging Niche: Creative entrepreneurs

Cat LeBlanc

Cat LeBlanc is a business strategist for online-based entrepreneurs. You can find her blog and podcast, Your Business, Your Rules, at

When I met with Cat, she explained that in the past she’s been her own biggest obstacle. This is true for all of us. As Cat says:

“People cite finances or time as the main constraint, but the biggest constraint is almost always in our own heads.”

The good news is that once you recognize how your beliefs or fears are holding you back, you have the power to climb higher than you ever dreamed.

Blogging Niche: Online business

During our free webinar training, we discuss countless other ways to jumpstart your online business and make a 6 figure online business. With dedication, set goals, and determination not to give up, you can make your dreams as a successful online business owner come true. 

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