Tactics Guaranteed to Increase a Company’s Closing Rates

How’s that website conversion going? If there’s still a lot of work to do, don’t fret. Optimizing a website’s sales conversion rate takes time, as we often talk about during our free webinar training. Even though everything seems to be coming together, generating income won’t happen if a website is missing pertinent information. To fix this stat, check out some of the tactics guaranteed to increase your company’s sales optimization. 

For starters, Small Business Trends recommends being concise with your messaging and creating a sense of urgency. Creating a sense of urgency makes sense. Why is this the case? Well, creating a sense of urgency makes potential customers feel like they’re going to miss out on something cool, and they don’t want that to happen! 

Create a Sense of Urgency

Adding a timeframe to a proposition can induce people to make decisions faster. Offering expiring pricing discounts, limited product availability, or exclusive deals creates a sense of urgency that compels the buyer to act.

In this day and age of comparison shopping, creating a sense of urgency on your website can place you at a distinct advantage over your competition. You can preclude buyers from shopping around or stalling on a buying decision with strategically-placed notices of product discounts and special deals.

Be Concise with the Messaging

Brand messaging on your website should be clear and concise. Headlines should be effective and straight to the point. Moreover, they should create a visceral impact with your buyer. Communicate a simple, powerful message that resonates with the short attention span of today’s buyers.

Remember: website messaging is all about perfecting the elevator pitch. You need to convince visitors that further research on your product or service is worth their time and effort. Clear, concise messaging is scientifically proven to register with buyers on an emotional level. Avoid deep dives and blocks of text.

Ready for a few more tips? Trust us; these will help. So hang with us. Convince and Convert suggests adding videos to specific website pages. They also recommend coming up with clever ways to capture email addresses. In other words, it’s up to you to develop strategies to capture email addresses and converting leads into customers.  

Add Videos to Your Key Conversion Pages

Mashable claims that adding videos to some of your top landing pages can result in an increase in conversions averaging at 86 percent! Our brains process visual information about 60,000 times faster than text, which means that any visitors to your site absorb information in videos better than they would by reading text. Learning about your product or service will be much more effective through video than text.

A great example of adding a video to your home page can be found at Ditto Residential. Not only is their home page very appealing, but their large, high-resolution video is sure to draw in any visitor.

Create Ways to Capture Email Addresses

Email marketing is still a very viable method of digital marketing and produces one of the top ROI across all marketing methods. However, you can’t do any email marketing without email addresses, right? By creating methods to capture a visitor’s email address, you create an opportunity to invite them back to your website through email marketing campaigns.

Forbes suggests that one of the top ways to capture email is to offer them something of value, such as a digital download, that won’t cost your company. A great example of this can be found on the Profitworks website. They offer a free website review in exchange for some information, such as an email address and your first and last name.

Crazy Egg adds to the thoughts we’ve mentioned before by revealing that website visitors should see your CTA above the fold and not below. Even though the below advice targets ecommerce websites, also if you don’t have an ecommerce business, these tips are just as valid. 

Make Your CTA Visible Above the Fold in the Product Page

You should know by now that website design 101 dictates that visitors should have to do very little scrolling or swiping to find what they need. The same holds true for calls-to-action.

Shoppers should never have to wonder how to make a purchase. To ensure that buying from you becomes a simple affair, always place your CTA buttons above the fold.

E-commerce giants Alibaba makes its CTAs very hard to miss.

Amazon is another e-commerce platform that puts its CTAs above the fold, which inevitably leads to greater purchases overall.

You can even see popup forms to call more attention to your CTAs. 

Use Conversion Optimization Tools to Increase Your E-Store’s Performance

A/B testing sounds time-intensive, but here is another area where the proper tools can help. There are many conversion optimization tools to choose from. It all depends on your specific needs.

What most of these platforms have in common is their ability to A/B test e-commerce elements in real time. You can engage in A/B testing and multivariate testing, which is where you test multiple elements simultaneously, and you’ll get all the data you need to make conversion-ready changes to your site.

Inc. provides wise wisdom on how to perfect your “pre-selling” system. Um, hey — what’s that?! In essence, be persuasive and influential on your site and tap into your customers’ needs and wants. 

Create or refine your “Pre Selling” system.

Have you sat down and strategically mapped out how you can best prepare any prospect before a sales interaction?

Is there a video you want them to watch? A white paper you want them to review? A client testimonial you want them to see?

When you intentionally map out how to presell your sales prospects you can significantly increase your closing rate.

One of the companies I coach increased their conversion rate by over 20 percent just by introducing better trust messaging and credibility enhancers into the 5 email pre-sales appointment sequence they use for their service business. Part of this boost to conversion came from increasing their “appointment held” rate, and the balance from making those held appointments even more effective in terms of final conversion.

Use stronger risk reversal – clearer and more powerfully worded.

Are you confident that your product or service correctly used will provide great value? Then but yourself on the hook by guaranteeing certain results.

Why should your customer have to hope your product or service will fit their needs? Put yourself on the line.

For example, for a qualified business owner we coach, we guarantee a 200 percent return on investment in terms of additional operating profit, or our service is free.

One CPA firm we coach promises to help a client realize twice the cost of their tax services in additional found tax savings the year they do a new client’s first tax return. If they don’t save you twice their fees that first year, you don’t pay anything for their service.

Don’t forget about traditional marketing, as OptinMonster reminds us. One example of conventional marketing is using public relations to your advantage. And after you get someone’s email address, get to know them, and help their problems. 

Traditional Public Relations

Don’t neglect “old-fashioned” public relations when trying to attract your customer. Print publications, television commercials, live events, direct mail, and advertising can still be very effective in increasing conversions. This is especially true when combined with text marketing.

A prospect may be technically offline, but with mobile phones always at reach, the opportunity for an immediate action still exists. The SMS call to action in the television commercial below generated 52% of the total entries for the content, even though it ran in only 25% of the ads.

Increase Conversions in the Consideration Stage

Your goal: Get their email address.

Once someone has become familiar with your business, engage them. Encourage them to make small commitments to your business even before they’re ready to purchase.

The best way to do this is to offer a lead magnet which helps solve their problems in exchange for their email address.

A lead magnet is essentially a valuable bribe offered to a visitor in exchange for their contact information. Small commitments like this build to larger ones, like ultimately purchasing your product.

In conclusion, not only should you apply these tactics to gain online business success, but come to our free webinar training to learn how to apply these techniques further. Thanks to your incredible abilities to optimize your website, in no time at all you’ll have a profitable business

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