10 Ways to Generate Profitable Business Ideas

Who knows – your next million-dollar business might be right underneath your nose.    1: Ask Questions    Get interested and involved in what’s going on, both around you and around the world. Read popular blogs, watch the news, and find news portals that report on the unique, odd and different. Find out what startups are launching and see what their initial idea is. Never stop learning. You’ll be surprised how something you read in a science magazine, for example, will give you an idea for your next information product and so forth.  2: Focus on Problems   If you can solve a real problem for people, you might just have a million dollar business. Pay attention to the problems people face in their daily lives. Talk with others to find out what’s bugging them, and check out forums to find the questions people are repeatedly asking. Watch for problems in your own life. Is there a chore you hate doing? Can you find a better or easier way to get the same benefit, without the[…]

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