The 14 Best WordPress Appointment Plugins in 2019

As a marketer, one of your main goals is to collect high-quality leads for your sales team — but, when those leads try to make appointments to learn more about your products or services, are they being delighted as well as they could be? Ultimately, creating an efficient, streamlined process for client appointment scheduling is essential for satisfying your prospects and ensuring you don’t lose their interest simply due to a lack of simplicity. If you have a WordPress site, you’re in luck — there are simple, clean, easy-to-use appointment plugins you can implement to ensure you’re delighting your prospects every time. Plus, optimizing your scheduling process doesn’t just help your prospects — it also helps you make scheduling the least time-consuming thing you have to do. Here, we’re going to dive into our favorite 14 WordPress appointment plugins. But first — what are some characteristics of an exceptionally good one? The Characteristics of the Best WordPress Appointment Plugins What makes a good appointment plugin? There are nine criteria that a plugin should meet to[…]

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