This Little-Known Website Is Awesome for Traffic, Brand Awareness & More. Here’s How To Use It!

Whether the goal is traditional brand-building for a business, or cultivating a personal brand, most marketers have caught on to the fact that answering customers’ questions is a great way to get positive exposure. One great way to do that has been flying under the radar: Quora. Quora’s not one of those sites that’s a household name, like Reddit or Twitter. But it’s a very active platform! Quora is like an infinitely better, much higher-quality version of something like Yahoo! Answers. The site contains lots of high-quality responses from genuine experts in their field. Part of this is because Quora requires users to sign up with their real name and identity — no disposable throwaways or pseudo-anonymity. For a lot of people, that’s kind of a turnoff. But for others, it’s a great opportunity to build trust and authority. In a recent post, Neil Patel explains how to use Quora as a potent branding tool, by answering questions in your area of expertise. Pimp your profile Your first order of business is to take some[…]

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