How HubSpot's Recruitment Team Aims to Use Greenhouse to Mitigate Interview Bias

Diversity, inclusion, and belonging are major points of growth for most businesses right now, and for good reason — diverse teams can help companies increase revenue by 19% and enable companies to outperform industry norms by 35%. In the tech industry, we’re seeing a particularly strong focus on diversity and inclusion, particularly since both women and people of color are largely underrepresented in the tech space. However, making a meaningful impact isn’t easy — it requires taking a microscope to a business’s embedded culture and structure and being open to some major changes. As recruiters at HubSpot, we tend to be on the “front line” for bringing in remarkable talent. So, in 2019, we knew we needed to step up our game when it came to ensuring our recruitment process was fair, consistent, and inclusive of a truly diverse candidate pool. If you’re a recruiter, you know that recruiting is both art and science. So enabling our teams through technology to decrease the opportunity for bias was critical for creating scalable solutions. Ultimately, we needed[…]

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