DM Reading List—11 Copywriting Book Recommendations from Engage Members

People love books. Even in our digital age, there is just something about a book that gets people excited and engaged. And I mean legitimately engaged: our book posts on Facebook and Instagram get some of the highest engagement of all our posts (and it’s just a picture of a book!). And it’s especially true for us marketers. If you’ve ever spent time in the DM Engage Facebook group (our online community for DigitalMarketer Lab members), you’ve been witness to the flurry of conversations and recommendations. DM Engage is the hub for discussions about what’s working now in digital marketing, a place to get advice and strategize, and find resources recommended by marketers just like you. And guess what resource gets recommended all the time… Yup. Books. In a world where podcasts, social media posts, and YouTube videos vie for our attention daily, the written word—meticulously edited and added to Amazon’s cyber shelves—still reigns supreme. (RELATED: 100 Books Every Marketer Should Read) Inside DM Engage, recommendations for books cover a wide range of subjects. If you use[…]

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