Why We Interviewed a Bunch of Rappers About Marketing

Can you imagine a world without music? I can’t. When I think about the things in life for which I’m the most grateful, music always falls on the list — rap music, in particular. For me, rap is the thing to listen to when I’m happy. Sad. Angry. Tired. When I have a big meeting to prepare for. When I’m dreading a workout. When I’m not feeling any particular way, but just want to disrupt the silence around me. And as we’re about to see — it has not only profoundly carved out my own path thus far, but those of myriad consumers, business owners, and artists. Before I worked for HubSpot and started covering marketing and tech news, I wrote primarily about two things — food, and indie hip hop. Indie artists are those who aren’t signed to a major label, and are often responsible for things like their own marketing, tour scheduling, and the business side of music that we don’t often think about as listeners. A quick vocabulary lesson: Indie artists are[…]

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