Captivating Podcasting Approaches with Real Profit Potential

As podcasts continue to become more and more popular people are creating new shows to leverage themselves as industry experts. They do this by building an audience, connecting with more influencers, building personal brands and boosting exposure for their businesses. We often discuss this during our free webinar training, and it’s exciting to learn that a lot of people are using their online business, and explicitly podcasting as their primary revenue stream. If you too are interested in starting your own business online and perhaps making money from podcasting, here are some intriguing approaches to help you secure a profitable venture. If you decide to take the leap and start podcasting, The Balance Small Business recommends choosing on a specific topic first. Figuring out what you’d like to talk about can get those creative juices flowing and help you think of other ways to target your audience. When selecting the topic of your podcast there are two directions you can go; you can go with a very big mass market audience or you can go[…]

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