7 Surefire Ways to Capture Email Leads in 2019 [+ Tools]

No matter what industry you’re in, email list building is still an important and high impact marketing activity. Though you may see the occasional article proclaiming “email marketing is dead,” you can safely continue your campaigns, and know that “the money is in the list” (as they say). Now, there are many ways to build an email list – tactics and tools beyond simple sidebar lead magnets and popup forms. This article will cover 7 ways to capture email leads, and we’ll also outline 7 lead capture tools to help you do it. 7 Email Lead Capture Strategies in 2019 Ask, “what’s in it for me?” Target the right segments of your audience Target your audience at the correct time Build a proper lead magnet (or several) Reduce friction where possible Match the intent of a blog post with the correct offer Choose the best lead capture tools for the job 1. Ask, “what’s in it for me?” While every company in every industry may have a different tactical implementation to capture email leads, at the[…]

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