Marketers Aren’t Using Their CRM Correctly. Here’s How to Change That

Picture this: You’re an email marketer for Run Central, a mid-sized athletic company selling running sneakers, clothes, and gear. You love your company, team, and customers. As an email marketer, you’re responsible for creating the content that goes out to all your customers, prospects, and leads. You write copy, segments lists, think about conversion opportunities, and report on monthly metrics. It’s a big job — and it keeps you very busy. You can spend hours crafting the perfect email. In fact, you spend so much time planning and executing on the email strategy, you hardly ever connect with the other marketers on your team who manage the company’s blog and content, social and chat, website, video strategy, events, PR, and more. And this isn’t unusual. Traditionally, marketers focus on the details — they sweat the small stuff and divide to conquer. One marketer may be in charge of improving conversion metrics, while another focuses on SEO and someone else optimizes product pages. You might even have an intern creating some Instagram stories. But when marketers[…]

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