How to Choose a Blog Name That'll Grow With Your Brand

Clothes, food, habits — outgrowing things is a natural part of life. That’s true for brands as well. When brands decide they’ve outgrown their current way of doing things, this might call for a rebrand. Outgrowing a brand, or at least a brand name, is common. Marketing platform Mailchimp used their rebranding to help the company transition to a more “grownup” brand that would allow them to serve more small businesses. Many blogs I read, like “Liv’s Healthy Life,” (Now known as just “Liv B,”) quickly rebrand when they realize their old blog name just doesn’t make sense anymore. While rebranding a business can be a smart and necessary step to growing a long-lasting business, renaming your blog or business doesn’t have to be. To combat outgrowing a blog name too quickly, let’s go over some strategies to use when naming a blog. How to Choose a Blog Name 1. Identify your niche What are you doing? What will your blog be about? Will it be an extension of your business or its own project?[…]

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