The Customer Avatar Worksheet: Finally, Get Clear on WHO You Are Selling To!

It’s a huge mistake. And yet, I see it happen all the time. A marketer or business owner gets so focused on WHAT they’re selling that they forget to think about WHO they’re selling it to. This is the kiss of death for a marketing campaign, and sometimes even an entire business. You could have the greatest product on earth, but if you’re trying to sell it to the wrong person—you’re never going to hit your sales numbers. That’s why understanding your customer avatar (AKA buyer persona) is so important. That’s also why we created the Customer Avatar Worksheet (that you can download for FREE), to help you document everything about your customer avatar. Before you can sell anything effectively, you need to understand… WHO your ideal customer is WHERE they’re hanging out online WHAT their challenges are But how do you actually do all that? Don’t worry—I’ll dig into the details later on in this post. First, I want to make sure you understand why customer avatars are so important, and why I refer[…]

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