5 Colossal Instagram Mistakes That Are Keeping a Brand From Growing

Instagram is constantly growing. It has more than 25 million business profiles, and researchers say that more than 200 million people are visiting at least a few business profiles daily. Since there’s so much traffic, this social media site isn’t the easiest for businesses to master. Getting the attention of an audience gets tricky when everyone gets so easily distracted, but by learning about which mistakes to avoid — and we cover more mistakes to avoid during our free webinar training — brands can help their business grow by effectively using a powerful social media platform. 1. Not optimizing your bio If your biography isn’t adequately optimized Aaron Ward says you’re making a big mistake. Writing a bio is fun, but it should be about gaining a new customer and growing your audience. Figure out the best way to pull potential customers in by writing an excellent bio.   While it may seem obvious to write a great bio… Thousands of Instagram users don’t optimize their bio towards their conversion goal. What does optimizing your[…]

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