How I Beat Google’s Core Update by Changing the Game

Google released a major update. They typically don’t announce their updates, but you know when they do, it is going to be big. And that’s what happened with the most recent update that they announced. A lot of people saw their traffic drop. And of course, at the same time, people saw their traffic increase because when one site goes down in rankings another site moves up to take its spot. Can you guess what happened to my traffic? Well, based on the title of the post you are probably going to guess that it went up. Now, let’s see what happened to my search traffic. My overall traffic has already dipped by roughly 6%. When you look at my organic traffic, you can see that it has dropped by 13.39%. I know what you are thinking… how did you beat Google’s core update when your traffic went down? What if I told you that I saw this coming and I came up with a solution and contingency strategy in case my organic search traffic[…]

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