Lower B2B Customer Acquisition Costs with Video

Acquiring business customers can be expensive, but without them your business can’t scale or turn a profit. One of the perennial questions a business of any size tackles is how to land new customers without eating into profits too much. There are lots of great ideas out there to increase your ROI when it comes to customer acquisition. But one of the best ways to lower costs–especially if you’re selling a product–is through video. Let’s look at a few reasons why video can be an effective and inexpensive way to acquire new customers. Save Time Businesses in your target market need to know what your product is, what problem it solves, and a bit about how it works before making a purchase. Traditionally, live sales demos were the way to go—you get your sales people in front of potential customers and clients at a trade show, over a video conference, or in their offices to show off what your product has to offer. But this route can eat up a lot of time, both for[…]

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