Proven Ways to Curate Customers Into a Community

Today an online audience is seeing plenty of content but in some cases are lacking connection. We’re social and create friendships around our passions and interests. We also like to connect with brands that align with those interests. Online businesses, as we’ve often mentioned in our free webinar training, will always win when they establish a community of dedicated customers. They can spend less time marketing everything to death and more time focusing on keeping and forming new relationships. Below are some proven ways to curate customers into a community.  Kapost recommends being a part of a discussion and focusing on inviting potential customers to be a part of that discussion. Establishing a driving force behind your brand will help current customers and leads identify and trust in products and services you are selling. Customers join communities so that they can feel closer to your brand. As your community grows, user-generated content will become a larger part of your overall strategy—and you’ll want to let them build bonds without your interference. In the early days,[…]

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