How I Grew My Declining Google Traffic

When you look at the chart above, what do you see? A site that gets a ton of traffic, right? I am a marketer, so I should be somewhat decent at getting traffic… or so you would hope. But here is the thing, just because I am decent at marketing doesn’t mean my Google traffic keeps climbing up and to the right. Just like you, I face challenges. I have ups and downs, I can also get penalized, and I have to continually battle algorithm updates. When you are doing SEO, nothing is ever going to be perfect and it won’t always go the way you want. My overall traffic growth Let’s look at my overall Google traffic. Here’s my organic search traffic in January of 2018. I had a whopping 743,744 sessions during that month. 550,607 of those sessions were unique visitors. Now if you fast forward to January 2019, my organic search traffic increased to 2,035,321 sessions. Of those sessions, 1,495,372 were unique visitors. That’s a 173% increase in search traffic in just[…]

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