The Plain-English Guide to Data Deduplication

Nowadays, with so much critical information saved on our computer systems, we’ve learned to backup data regularly — including our email inboxes, our Word documents, our photos, and entire folders of old work. It’s typically a ton of data. And, since we usually backup and save our data on auto-pilot, we might not realize just how much has been re-copied and re-saved, time and time again. Unfortunately, over time, our data storage becomes unnecessarily burdened with redundant copies of data — this could cost your company money, as data requirements become larger, or time, as processing time becomes slower. This is where data deduplication comes in. What is data deduplication? Data deduplication is the process of eliminating redundant copies of data and reducing processing time for a software system. Every time you backup your software system, you’re copying and storing large data sets. After a while, this requires an unmanageably large amount of data storage. Data deduplication optimizes your data storage by ensuring only one unique instance of data is copied and stored. Andrew Le,[…]

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