5 Ways to Discover a Business Idea That Works

Tons of business ideas are always floating around, but not all of them are unique. Many companies think they have an incredible idea and go to market an audience only to find out that their plan wasn’t that great after all. If that happens that doesn’t mean their approach isn’t destined to work; it just means they may need to cater it more to their audience or find something that works better in their industry. We often tell small business owners during our free webinar training that it takes time to come up with the idea that sells, and that frustrations are only temporary. Join us for our next webinar and follow these 5 tips to figure out a business idea that works and will set you on the right path. Pay attention to social media There’s always a lot happening on social media. That’s why they call it “social,” after all. Entrepreneur discusses why social media is an excellent place to figure out how your audience is doing and what they’re interested in and[…]

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