The Dos and Don’ts to a Successful Video Marketing Campaign

If we combine written content and images, what do you think the chances of it being shared online over video are? Zero. That’s right, not only is video more likely to be shared over text and images, the chances of it happening are 1200%. We’re going to take you through what to do if you want a successful video marketing campaign, and what not to do. DO: Engage and Entertain The average human processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text, so why not engage your audience with video? There are a few ways to do this, but storytelling is high on the list. We’re hardwired to engage in storytelling. Delivering a story that reflects your brand rather than selling your product encourages your audience to relate to you. Allow viewers to get smitten with your strong narrative. Be authentic and transparent in your message. That way, your audience will learn from you and trust you. ‘How to’ videos are king–back in 2015 ‘how to’ searches had grown by 70 percent on YouTube. DO: Offer Subtitles[…]

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