Emergency Alert: Reassess a Content Strategy Before it Causes Damage

Coming up with a content marketing strategy gets difficult. It’s essential to understand an audience and know what makes them tick. It’s also imperative to publish high-quality content so that an audience will hopefully share that content. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to write and promote content, and the ultimate goal is to convert an audience and make some money. In fact, we often talk about the techniques to apply to make a living online on our free webinar training. So how do you improve your ignite your site’s traffic with irresistible content? Below are some growth hacks to apply so you can get the traffic you need to make your site succeed.  Contently says that while developing your content strategy it’s important not to bury an audience persona. What does that mean exactly? Well, you need to pay attention to your buyer’s journey and figure out what they are or aren’t responding to. Use that knowledge to your advantage.  Audience personas can get sidetracked based on false myths and assumptions: Facebook doesn’t[…]

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