This Type of Business Strategy is Exploding in Popularity. Here’s How to Take Advantage of It

We often say during our free webinar training that it’s the perfect time to develop and launch a new business online. And while it’s an exciting time starting a new business, some business owners get so wrapped up running and setting up everything that sometimes their customers get lost in the mix. While the ultimate goal is to obtain and maintain customers, whether you’re a blogger who sells products or an online coach who offers career advice, unless you take the time to follow up with your customers, you’re going to have a hard time keeping them. The problem is that people like doing follow-ups, but recently that has begun to change. Yes, we get why you might be wondering why this business strategy is becoming popular, especially since we just said people are lazy, and the answer is that businesses are taking more time to get back to their customers because they know it matters. If you too take the time to get back to your customers, you’ll be more likely to form relationships[…]

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