5 of the Most Damaging Growing Pains a New Business Can Face

Growing pains can happen in a small business because it takes time for a new company to find its way as it navigates through choppy waters. Some growing pains are more common than others which we often discuss during our free webinar training, so it’s important to know what can derail a company’s progress. Companies are the master of their destiny, but it’s still common to get stuck in the weeds. While having their eyes on the prize problems are still bound to arise. To prevent issues from threatening a profitable business in the making, take a moment to consider how these 5 ways can hurt a newly growing brand. Lack of direction The Balance Small Business discusses how a business can often experience a lack of direction, especially when they’re first starting. Recognizing that and figuring out a way to focus on building a business is a growing pain that must be overcome. This is closely related to the issue of employees constantly putting out fires, and the solution, again, is strategic planning that[…]

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