7 Sure-Fire Video Marketing Fixes: Transform Failing Videos Into Profit

Creating compelling video content for a company is an excellent way to reach an audience and promote engagement. Coming up with video content is also a useful marketing tool, and can make a difference to an audience. Remember — to a consumer, a marketing video is a reflection of the brand (just ask us during our free webinar training). To get off on the right foot when implementing an effective video marketing strategy, here are 7  mistakes to avoid in video marketing. 1. Not addressing your target audience It’s essential to target your audience, which is why Business Collective recommends double checking to make sure that’s what you’re doing in your marketing videos. Figure out who you are targeting and focus on that select group of people. Sure, you have products and services that can benefit a wide audience. However, your video will be more effective if you focus on one point and don’t cast too wide a net. Different people have different pain points. You need to decide which ones you want to address.[…]

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