11 Unusual Tips for How to Wake Up Early

How can I make a habit of waking up early in the morning? This is how I made myself a morning person. A morning routine is something I find makes my day undeniably better. Besides increasing productivity, I find a morning routine is essential for me to spend quality time with myself and the things I find important before the demands of the day start rolling in. Over the years I have tinkered with a number of morning routines to try and make my morning as effective and energising as possible to help me get a head start on the day. To save you the hassle of all the trial and error, here is what I have refined it down to and what seems to be the best for me so far. To save on clutter and me having to write about biological mechanisms that are above my pay grade I have included links to articles and literature that support and explain some of the points below. Feel free to explore to whatever depths you[…]

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