Beyond the Blog Post: 5 Content Formats an Audience Craves

Getting an audience to read meaningful content every day gets challenging at times. Making sure content is fresh and current helps many online businesses stay ahead. It turns out that an audience tends to prefer text that is incorporated into multimedia, so it’s vital to figure out which formats are most effective. While it’s a good idea to write blog posts to attract an audience, not everyone wants to only see blog posts. So it’s up to a company to find content that’s enticing for every type of audience. Here are 7 content formats an audience craves. For more ideas, join us during our free webinar training.  1. Infographics  In case you thought infographics were a thing of the past, you would be wrong. Contently stresses how important it is to incorporate infographics on your site. They’re eye-catching and if you create colorful and informative infographics an audience is more likely to gravitate toward your site.  Good infographics are like Sesame Street segments for grown-ups. They’re colorful, insightful visualizations that can break down data into[…]

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