5 Freelance Tech Side Hustles That Pay the Big Bucks

When people think of freelancers, they may think of creative jobs such as editing, writing, social media, and other marketing gigs. While many freelancers do find success in these fields, there are still plenty of other freelancing opportunities out there. During our free webinar training, we often talk about the endless amount of freelance jobs on the web, and specializing in technology is one of them. Here are 5 freelance tech hide hustles that pay big and pave the way to online freelance success! 1. Web development  SkillCrush first discusses web development, and if you plan to go into this field full-time (remember, freelancers can work full-time for any company), check out the salary! It’s impressive! Becoming a web developer is the end game for a lot of people learning tech skills, and for good reason. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) lists the 2017 median web developer salary at nearly $70,000 per year and projects a 15 percent job growth rate (much faster than average) between now and 2026—all of which means web development[…]

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