How to Know if Tech is the Right Freelancing Field to Go Into

There are many careers to pursue online, and going into freelancing is one of them. While contemplating what type of freelance work is a good fit, it’s wise to write down which skills a new freelancer needs. If going into tech is exciting, asking questions about the profession is a must. For extra guidance on how to make money as a freelancer, and setting up an online business, check out our free webinar training. For now, get a head start on learning if tech is the right field and what type of skills are ideal to have.  1. Am I on the inside looking in?  SkillCrush says you should ask yourself if you’re on the inside looking in. If you’re wondering what that means is you should be willing to learn and evolve with the field.  One of the biggest obstacles to pursuing a tech career is feeling like you’re on the outside looking in. If you’re new to the idea of working in tech and don’t know a lot about it, it might seem[…]

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