How to Craft a Sales Page That Generates Revenue [+Example]

Last week, I did something I promised I’d never do to myself: I made an impulse purchase over $100. Now, for you less frugal shoppers out there, you might scoff at my definition of splurging. But what I found most interesting about my sudden compulsion to buy glasses that filter blue light wasn’t the impulse itself. It was how quickly the advertisement below convinced me that I needed the eyewear in my life.   Image Credit: VeryGoodCopy Out of all the advertisements I’ve ever read, this is arguably the most persuasive one. Not only did it inform me about the damage a computer screen can inflict on my eyes, but it also offered me an affordable, stylish solution for protecting them. Now, advertisements and sales pages are two different animals. But they have the same exact goal: convert website visitors into customers. So even though you won’t model your sales page exactly after an advertisement, you can still incorporate its copywriting and psychological principles into your sales pages. What is a sales page? A sales page is a[…]

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