6 Tweaks to Give Video Marketing the Advantage

Once restricted to only companies with wealth and access, utilizing video content to promote your brand is now a widely available strategy. In addition, the ubiquity of this technology puts pressure on companies to adapt or suffer the consequences of their reticence. The advantages offered by video marketing are many, largely due to increasingly sophisticated mobile technology. With high-powered tools for video content creation and consumption in the palm of your hand, the power once reserved for multimedia conglomerates is now a fixture of everyday life. Do It Right While the use of video has unparalleled attention-grabbing potential, you still want to take time to make sure you’re doing it well. If you’re using video content to explain a product or service, make sure it’s explained clearly and thoroughly. A common complaint among consumers of video advertising is insufficient explanation of the product in question. While video obviously interacts with the visual sense, keep in mind that audio is also very much a factor. If you make sure the video is optimized on both fronts,[…]

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