7 Guaranteed Ways to Run a Happy, Profitable Business With a Significant Other

For a single person, starting and running an online business is challenging. Being responsible for all business aspects such as delivering services, completing administrative tasks, and following through with marketing all gets challenging. Just ask us during our free webinar training — it gets challenging to manage a busy online business, but the hard work most definitely pays off. Since it is so much work, it would seem that bringing another person in, such as your spouse, would make things easier. Living under the same roof has its benefits, and together, you can rule the world. Or can you? Unfortunately, the reality is, as much as it is exciting to hit the ground running, there are still a few things to consider before becoming business partners. 1. Extensive communication Small Business Trends recommends making sure you are always communicating. You both must be on the same page to make sure things get done in a timely matter. It’s essential to separate your marriage from your working relationship. Otherwise, it may prove challenging to get tasks[…]

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