5 Reasons Advertising Is Getting Harder Than Ever

Talk with any long-time Internet marketing expert and they’ll tell you things have changed over the years. Not only has digital advertising technology evolved at a frantic pace, allowing many more people to start running paid web traffic, the number of different ways to reach people has also ballooned. Remember, at the dawn of Internet marketing, smartphones weren’t even widely used. Nowadays, advertisers can reach users while they play games, while they watch videos, even when they check the time or other data on their watch! So how does greater access to bigger audiences make advertising tougher, and what are savvy advertisers doing about it? Before we look at the list of evolving challenges for online advertising, head over to check out this live training…┬áthat will show you methods that cut past modern difficulties for advertisers. You’ll learn tried and tested techniques to reach the right audience for your product and demolish their resistance to your advertising message! Industry Rules An article in the Daily Mail highlights one hurdle for advertisers that always bears watching:[…]

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