It’s An Open Platform World. HubSpot’s Growing App Ecosystem Helps You Thrive In It.

At INBOUND this week, over 24,000 people have come together to learn how to deliver remarkable customer experiences in today’s digital environment. How do you coordinate marketing, sales, and service teams across your company to attract, engage, and delight your audience? How do you accelerate that virtuous cycle of word-of-mouth — or, word-of-keyboard, as the case may be — to win more customers and make them happier customers? Increasingly, a key part of the answer is: an integrated ecosystem for your tech stack. Software has eaten the world, as Marc Andreessen predicted eight years ago. Every company now uses a collection of cloud-based apps to run nearly every facet of their business. The term “tech stack” has entered everyday business conversations to describe these collections of tools. And these stacks are growing, even in the SMB space. According to data from Blissfully, businesses with 101-250 employees have an average of 99 SaaS app subscriptions.   It’s not enough to have the wondrous capabilities all these different apps offer, especially if each is locked in their[…]

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