7 Advanced SEO Strategies I’m Trying to Implement Before 2020

Google makes over 3,200 algorithm changes per year. That’s a lot of changes. Just think about that for a minute… and let that sink in. It’s roughly 9 changes per day. So how can you beat this gigantic company at their own game and rank high? Especially when you consider that they generate over $100 billion+ per year in ad revenue? You could follow their advice on how to rank well but that won’t do much for you. The real trick to rank well is to leverage technology. See, although Google has made things harder, there are things you can do now that I couldn’t when I first started. For years now technology has evolved, which has made your life easier as an SEO. Here are 7 advanced SEO strategies that I’m implementing as we speak and you should too. Advanced SEO Strategy #1: SEO A/B Split Testing To improve your rankings, what do you have to do? You have to go in and manually make changes to your site. And if you aren’t sure[…]

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