7 Internet Marketing Mistakes That Cost a Company Money

Helping business succeed through internet marketing is essential, but with that comes a lot of responsibility to succeed. If there isn’t a marketing plan in place or if it’s ineffective, it’s much harder to make it in the online world. Below are 5 internet mistakes that many people are making and how to avoid them. We also mention other ways to succeed with a business online during our free webinar training! 1. Your phone number isn’t easily visible on your web pages Business Know-How reveals how important it is to have a number visible on your website. If it’s not apparent, it’s hard for customers to contact you. If a customer has a question or would like to purchase something but is experiencing issues having a number, they can reach you with is essential.  Yes, you want people to serve themselves by making their purchases online without any assistance from you or your staff. But if you don’t make it easy for customers to find your phone number and call in their orders, you’re losing[…]

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