7 of the Most Inventive Interactive Marketing Examples We've Ever Seen

If you really think about it, the content formats we rely on today have an uncanny resemblance to the content formats we relied on yesterday — our blog posts look like print articles, our offers look like books, and our slide decks like look presentations. Relying on the content formats we used yesterday to educate and entertain our audience today is fine, though. Our audience is ultimately used to these mediums. But, at the same time, we’ve missed a huge opportunity to engage them at record levels because we glossed over the fact that screens and computers are so much more than just digital pieces of paper and printing presses. Fortunately, the interactive marketing movement is charging along and their early adopters have proven that if marketers want to cut through the noise, they can’t just do what they’ve always been doing. They need to refresh their work. What is interactive marketing? Interactive marketing is an innovative type of marketing where your audience can interact with engaging visuals or videos within your content. This new form of marketing unleashes your creativity[…]

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