Focus on These 5 Traits to Successfully Land Social Media Jobs

Today in our modern day and age, everything marketing related includes being social online. Whether it’s blogging and pushing out the latest content on Facebook and LinkedIn, sharing the company’s most recent updates on Instagram or working on engaging with the community, online jobs in social media are growing like wildfire. Below are some traits to have to successfully land social media jobs and make a living as a freelancer online. For more tips on how to make money online and run a successful business, join us for our next free webinar training! 1. Be sociable online If you want to look for potential social media jobs online, Hootsuite recommends being social! Of course, this makes sense that you should be active on your own social media channels. Companies will likely look at how you engage, how many followers you have, and what type of experience you may have based on your social media channels. Your social media accounts reveal a lot about you—and prospective employers are likely to seek that information out, looking for[…]

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