Why Purple Mattress’s Viral Video Is An Important Lesson in Marketing

Viral videos are a fantastic tool to promote products and services, except it’s difficult to predict which ones will truly go viral and which ones will only enjoy a short-lived period of fame and then die in the clutter of the Internet. Furthermore, with various platforms and software tools available for free or a modest monthly subscription, everyone with a bit of experience in video-production can post a video. This makes the competition even more fierce, especially when you know ‘masterpieces’ like Charlie bit my finger managed to gather over 15 million views. The Main Elements of a Viral Video So, what elements make a video go viral and is it really worth it to invest time and money in such a marketing technique? Strong Emotional Response As it turns out, people react to videos (and memes) that create a strong emotional response (love, hate, disgust, etc.). So, a video like ‘Charlie bit my finger’ left viewers in awe of the two cute babies, which is why a homemade video broke the Internet. Not to[…]

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