How to Use Limited Time Offers to Drive Sales

Last week, this appeared in my inbox: I hadn’t even planned on online shopping that night — and, while I’d been in the market for a new wallet, I wasn’t considering Kate Spade as an option until I received this email. But those two words — last chance — compelled me to click, and subsequently purchase, from Kate Spade’s website. I mean … I didn’t want to miss out now, did I? Limited time offers are rooted in the psychological phenomenon known as loss aversion, which is the idea that people prefer avoiding losses over acquiring gains. Simply put, someone would feel more upset losing $10 than they would feel happy winning $10. When I received Kate Spade’s limited time offer, I immediately felt an impending sense of loss — if I didn’t act immediately, I’d lose the bargain. This spurred me into action. This is why limited time offers could be a good tactic to drive sales for your business. Here, we’re going to take a look at impressive limited time offer ad examples,[…]

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