11 Magnetic Call to Action Examples That Can Transform Leads Into Customers

As a new online business that is just starting to set up a site online, having compelling call-to-actions (CTA) in the form of a button or link on a website is imperative. Correctly implementing a CTA will guide a visitor and help them understand which steps to take next. In inbound marketing, a CTA typically leads a potential customer to a landing page where a visitor can fill out a form and subscribe to join an email list or learn more (which makes them a lead). Business owners can place a CTA anywhere on their website, but it’s vital to make sure it happens! It’s an integral part of a site and can entice new visitors to become customers hopefully. We discuss why techniques like this during our free webinar training which you should check out! Keep in mind while creating CTAs that they need to grab the attention of visitors and get them to the next step. It’s vital to show potential customers an office they can’t refuse. Below are several CTA examples that should help[…]

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