Influencer Marketing: What it is and How to Use it to Meet a Company’s Goals

Thinking of trying an influencer marketing campaign? It’s essential to get aligned with the right social media influencers to create an effective campaign. In this article, we outline some tips on how to do that. We also divulge more tips on how to promote an online business during our free webinar training. Before getting into some tips and tools to apply, let’s begin with what influencer marketing is all about, courtesy of Marketing Land: You probably already know that. Promoting your product or service through a blogger, social media user or otherwise influential person who has significant engagement with their following is a good way to get meaningful exposure. Some stats to prove its worth: Influencer marketing content provides a return on investment that is 11 times higher than traditional digital marketing forms, according to a study conducted by Nielsen Catalina Solutions for influencer marketing software TapInfluence. Non-celebrity bloggers are more likely than celebrities to inspire purchases, with 30 percent of consumers more likely to buy from them, a Collective Bias survey finds. That preference[…]

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