Advanced Hack: How to Improve Your SEO in Less Than 30 Minutes

I’ve been testing a new SEO hack and it works no matter how old or how new your site is. Heck, you can have barely any links, and I’ve found it to work as well. Best of all, unlike most SEO changes, it doesn’t take months or years to see results from this… you can literally see results in less than 30 minutes. And here’s what’s crazy: I had my team crawl 10,000 sites to see how many people are leveraging this SEO technique and it was only 17. In other words, your competition doesn’t know about this yet! So what is this hack that I speak of? Google’s ever-changing search results Not only is Google changing its algorithm on a regular basis, but they also test out new design elements. For example, if you search for “food near me”, you’ll not only see a list of restaurants but you also see their ratings. And if you look up a person, Google may show you a picture of that person and a quick overview. Over[…]

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