An Effective Guide to Networking for Freelancers

Freelancers are always on the hunt for work, and landing a long term client is the goal for many. While many freelancers have enough work to keep them busy, it may not stay that way for long. It’s the simple truth of the matter and part of the freelancing game. Luckily networking by attending seminars and trainings such as our free webinar training can help combat losing work. It also provides ways to keep in touch with people to improve a career and form a successful online business.  To begin with, the Freelancers Union provides a brief explanation of what networking is and why you should make it essential.  Why network? One of the main reasons to attend networking events is to help make connections with other creative professionals, the kind of people who can refer you to potential clients or hire you outright. You might also want to network as a way to manage the isolation and loneliness of being a freelancer. Community can be a great way to help your business and it[…]

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