Is Coding the Next Must-Have Skill of the Modern Marketer?

Marketing has evolved over time from,“You can have any color you want as long as it’s black” to just-in-time marketing messages that might lead to your brand posting on Reddit. We’re embracing digital channels and understanding the need to create marketing people love more and more … but do we actually grasp what’s running behind the scenes of all these digital campaigns?Code is what lies behind so many of our great marketing campaigns. Our websites, our emails, our apps and tools that are made to give your customers a better experience — these all run because there are smart coders making them work. So my question today is this: Since code is the basis for most of our marketing today, should marketers be learning to code? I’d like to argue yes, we should. Here’s why. 1. Coding saves time and inspires. Getting to grips with code and understanding the structures that bring your sites, apps, and tools to life will give you a better understanding of what is possible in the first place. And, here,[…]

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