Which is more accurate, numerology or astrology?

Astrology and Numerology: Astrology and Numerology are two different subjects. Astrology is studying of planets, movement of planets and their influence on human lives. It is related to Astronomy. Numerology on the other hand is about studying of numbers and their influence on human lives. Though both are different in many ways they are related as well. Please continue reading…..   Astrology: In India Astrology is called as "Jyothish" that means science of light. Some people consider Astrology as a science as it uses facts of Astronomy. Some people will disagree with this and tag Astrology as an art. Some may even think, it as just a crap. However Astrology had been used all over the world for thousands of years. Western Astrology and Indian Vedic Astrology are different. Western Astrology is based on Sun’s position in relation with the Earth. Vedic Astrology focuses on 12 zodiac signs, 27 stars and 9 planets. Western chart is round in shape and Vedic chart has a square shape. Why is Astrology so popular?: Man always want to[…]

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