Explainer Videos Make Your Point from the Start

It’s a truism that online entrepreneurs have around three seconds to attract new visitors and entice them into exploring your site and/or page in more detail. If you can do that, you’ve probably got another 15 seconds to actually make it happen.   Here are a few tried-&-true essential tips to promote an extended stay: Confirm your site’s loading time is efficient, Create headlines that match your content, Make your content easy on the eye, Make your content easy for the reader to scan, and Include video and graphics on your page. Online markets already know visuals are huge, and their impact is ever-increasing. One of the most effective visuals — and one that can’t be recommended highly enough — is an explainer video. In one short Home page presentation, it can serve and/or reinforce many functions usually found on an About page. The WowMakers will elaborate:   Besides the Home page, explainer videos can add dynamics in other locations, too. For example: Product pages, Emails, Social media channels, and Video channels. Explainer videos can[…]

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