Data Analysis: Options for Better Decision Making

Data analytics is a term that gets thrown around with increasing frequency in the business world, and considering the potential value derived from it, there’s good reason for the hype. According to one study, organizations that strongly agreed with the use of data analytics were twice as likely to be top performers within their field. Getting acquainted with data analytics grants you the power to predict customer needs and behaviors, optimize productivity, and effectively improve decision making when it matters most. This brand of analysis is a product of technological innovation and provides answers to problems that have plagued business runners for decades. However, while this technology opens doors for those that are willing to adopt it, it also means missing out for the companies that don’t.   Successful Implementation of Data Analytics With a market value consistently over the 500 billion dollar mark, it takes no explaining that Facebook is one of the most powerful companies in business today, and that’s in part due to its prolific use of data analytics. Facebook effectively maps[…]

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